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We’re Seth and Leah

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About 1st Key Homebuyers

“We Buy Houses In Kansas City”

We are Seth and Leah, we have a passion for traveling, camping with our dog Tommy, and all things fitness. With my background in construction and Leah’s attention to detail and eye for design, we began flipping houses in 2017. After a few years in business, we saw a need for a fair, local, family-owned business to provide a house selling service to local Kansas City homeowners. Whether you are facing foreclosure, want to sell without a realtor, or need to sell your house in Kansas City for any other reason, we are here to support you.

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What makes us different?

sell my house in kansas city


  • Honesty – We live by our values and aim to keep you informed every step of the way. We’re 100% committed to honoring our word and getting you the best outcome possible.
  • Empathy – Connection matters to us. We aim to fully understand your situation so that we can assist you in overcoming your present challenges. We want to see you win!
  • Integrity – Our word is our bond. For us, this is bigger than a career or job, it’s why we’re here. Supporting our community for reasons besides money gives us purpose so that we can wake up each day and tackle the challenges ahead. 

What Makes Us Different?

Both of us are entrepreneurs because we couldn’t thrive under the rigid rules and regulations of a typical 9-5. We’re free spirited and find joy in breaking away from the norm, discovering new methods and achieving more freedom as a result. As business owners we’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of communication, honesty and transparency in all our relationships and we built our business on those same values. We love to see the end results of effective collaboration, creativity and hard work.

Get To Know Us!

Seth Larson

Cash Home Buyer, House Flipper and General Contractor


Seth is an Air-force veteran and general contractor, turned house flipper, founder of “1st Key Homebuyers“, and has years of experience, buying and renovating houses.

Seth will be your first point of contact with our company. He will call you to get some more details about your home and will be the one you meet at your in-person appointment. His experience as a general contractor allows him to quickly and accurately calculate the value of your home and get you a strong cash offer. He knows the costs of a rehab like the back of his hand, allowing him to cut costs on materials for any necessary renovations and get you a better return.

“I started renovating homes with my dad right after high school and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from his decades of experience. He and his partners were a wealth of knowledge and they showed me that there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution. This knowledge and confidence has played a key role in my success as a home buyer today, giving people I work with that same reassurance and confidence in return.”

Leah Osborne

HR Specialist, Task Manager, Design Specialist


Leah received her Master’s degree in Hospital Administration and HR Management, is co-owner of “1st Key Homebuyers“, and has years of experience managing flips.

Leah manages all details of the business to ensure that every base is covered. She keeps Seth updated on new tasks and covers all things admin and internal affairs. Her responsibilities include updating social media, marketing, online content & exposure, as well as customer reviews.

“I’ve been inside of flip houses since I was a little girl. My dad was a house flipper and took me to his jobs on the weekends where I would witness the transformation of an old, neglected building into a fresh, new home families were eager to start a new chapter in. I love helping people, that’s why I started my own online health coaching business. Buying homes is just another way I can give people hope and help them improve their circumstances.”

Our Commitment to You…

We want you to receive an all cash offer for your home that you can feel good about. We vow to utilize all of the unique skills and experiences we’ve accrued on our real estate journey over the years to create an offer for you that is going to satisfy your goals and leave you with a sense of peace and reassurance. You can rely on us to be open and honest with you every step of the way and find comfort in knowing that we strive to create a win-win scenario every time. We put people ahead of profits. But the profit we do make allows us to share more of our gifts and knowledge with the world.

-Seth & Leah


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