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1st Key Homebuyers Reviews

“I want to take a moment to write a letter about my experience with 1st Key Homebuyers. My husband and I recently sold a property to this company and the entire process was quite pleasant and worry-free. The owner, Seth Larson, was so easy to work with and they took all the worry off our shoulders. If anyone has a house that they need to sell and are worried that they just can’t sell it because of the condition, price, or situation that you might be in, I recommend calling 1st Key Homebuyers! Our experience was wonderful and we are glad to be on to the next chapter!.

~ Jane B.

“Seth was always on time for our meetings to discuss the sale of the house things went well all the way through closing-no unpleasant surprises based on my experience, 1st Key Homebuyers earned my recommendation!

~ Bob M.

“In my personal opinion, 1st Key Homebuyers is the ‘Mercedes Benz of home buyers. They do just what they say. I was fortunate enough to own two properties and I hated to lose my home, but I feel good that the property is now in the hands of good people that will do for the property what I wasn’t able, and it will go to someone that will love the house as much as I did. I would recommend 1st Key Homebuyers to anyone in a heartbeat!!

~ Clara P.

“We are retiring and had a rental property we wanted to sell. The tenants had trashed the place and it was all the way across town from us. We really wanted to be done with being landlords, and we wanted to sell, like yesterday! We talked to several companies and it seemed like it was going to be an ordeal to sell the place. So glad we found 1st Key Homebuyers! They offered us a fair price, a little bit higher than the other companies. Our impression is that they know what they are doing and would not waste our time with a lowball offer. It was amazing that all we had to do was meet him once at the property and we had the deal done within two weeks! I didn’t know that was possible! I found 1st Key Homebuyers to be a professional and respectful company to work with.”

~ James L.

“From the initial consultation with Seth to the final closing, everything was done to make me feel as if the business with me was important and not just another transaction. Several investors were ‘interested’ but some had the nerve to make me think I couldn’t get what I wanted for the property. Even after doing my homework, several investors tried to lowball me.”

~ Grace R.

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“I had a problem property that I wanted to get off my hands. The tenants were squatting in it and had not taken care of it. It was in rough condition and I knew it was going to be a nightmare to try and sell. I couldn’t believe the offer 1st Key Homebuyers made me. I didn’t it was worth that much. They purchased it with the tenants still in the property and I didn’t have to make a single repair. I’m extremely happy to not have to deal with that property anymore.”

~ Richard K.

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