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Did You Buy The Wrong House?

Let 1st Key Homebuyers Make You A Fair Offer For Your House

Did you close on a house only to find out that it wasnt the right one? Are you regretting your decision or wishing you had waited for the right one to come along?Perhaps you didnt quite get an accurate feel for the neighborhood and your realizing just now that its not exactly what you hoped for.

While there may or may not be anything wrong with your property, you may be thinking of selling your Kansas City house on the open market. As you may know already, the traditional selling process is long, complicated and can be extremely stressful during the best of times. However, selling your house on the Kansas City market with real estate agents, or a “traditional home sale” is not always the best method, especially when you’re under the pressures of time, finances or personal circumstances that do not conform to a conventional listing.

Not only can the cost of owning the wrong house be financial, but it can wear you down emotionally when saddled with less-than-desirable circumstances for days on end. Whether you made an error in your purchase or your circumstances changed, it can be challenging when you’re stuck in the wrong house, or unhappy with your situation or decision. So read on as we explore three staggering costs of owning the wrong house in Kansas City. 

Did I Spend To Much For My House In Kansas City?

One of the most staggering costs of owning the wrong house in Kansas City is for buyers who purchased a more expensive house than their budget comfortably allowed. When you’re facing monthly bills burying you further in debt, time is of the essence, and a direct sale to a local cash buyers may be the solution. Local real estate investors from 1st Key Homebuyers will guide you so that you understand the numbers and the out-of-pocket expenses you may face by listing, with the benefit of cash allowing for guaranteed closings in as fast as a week in many cases. Need a little more time? Talk to a professional buyer at 1st Key Homebuyers about working out arrangements to delay the closing. Keep in mind, we offer a fair all cash offer so you can get out from under your burdensome house fast.

Did I End Up In A Bad Location?

Another staggering cost of owning the wrong house in Kansas City is the inability for the market value to increase over the long-term in value due to the location, which is one of the foundations of real estate investing. While some locations may not be as desirable as others, there are still plenty of people who would love to live in the right home, in the right neighborhood at the right price. If you find yourself in a situation where you regret your decision or are unhappy with the location of your home, 1st Key Homebuyers can help by making you a fair, all-cash offer for your home. You don’t have to wait years for the market to correct itself, or go through the hassle and expense of listing your home with a real estate agent only to find out that buyers are not willing to pay top dollar for a home in a less than desirable location. Selling your property to a professional cash buyer like those at 1st Key Homebuyers can help you sell a distressed property that you’ve learned is not in a desirable location. When you sell directly to the real estate solutions company 1st Key Homebuyers, we will make you fair, no obligation cash offer for your house. We do this at 1st Key Homebuyers because we want you to be happy with your decision about selling your home, we aim for a win-win, so we can all feel good about the deal long after leaving the closing table. 

Did I Purchase A Money Pit?

Yet another staggering cost of owning the wrong house in Kansas City is when you fail to note the glaring red flags and purchase a house that constantly needs maintenance. We’ve all heard the saying, “a house is a money pit,” and this phrase couldn’t be more accurate when you find yourself in a home that is costing you an arm and a leg just to keep the property up to par. From small things like painting and repairs to needing a new roof or complete foundation. Repair costs can be a make or break for new homeowners. Often these are impulse investments based on an emotional feeling about the property instead of approaching the investment as a business transaction in real estate based on running the numbers on the repairs and the results of an inspection. While there are many people who love the idea of fixing up a property and sweat equity, it’s essential to ensure that you have the time and budget to devote to such an undertaking. If not, you may want to consider selling your problem house directly for cash as is, instead of listing with a real estate agent. This will save you time, money on repairs, and the stress of dealing with buyers that need to see the the inspection reports and want you to fix every little thing.

By working with a professional cash buyer like those at 1st Key Homebuyers in Kansas City, you can avoid all that hassle. Professional cash buyers like those at 1st Key Homebuyers can relieve you of the burden of ongoing expenses and end the misery of your unwanted property. making you a fair cash offer for your house as-is. There are no commissions, hidden fees, or closing costs when you sell directly to a professional cash buyer from 1st Key Homebuyers. When you sell directly to a professional buyer from 1stKey Homebuyers, the fair cash price offer is the amount of cash you’ll have in your hands when you leave the closing table.

1st Key Homebuyers is a professional real estate solutions company, their team are your neighbors here in Kansas City who live and work alongside you and are proud to be a part of improving our community. Talk to a professional cash buyer at 1st Key Homebuyers today about getting your quick cash offer with no obligation whatsoever, and find out how we can help you overcome any hurdles you face with selling your house quickly. When you sell quickly you may even be able to avoid next months mortgage payments.

At 1st key Homebuyers, we are helping homeowners like you in Kansas City resolve their issues with a smooth, easy and quick process that saves you time and money. I you want an easy sales process and to sell your house hassle free, Fill in our short property information form on our website, all we need is a few details including your street address and the property’s condition. Or you can simply Contact us today to learn more. 913-428-9445

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