How to Stay in My Home After Foreclosure in Kansas City

According to a recent study, almost half of foreclosed properties, approximately 47%, still have occupants.

Although this may come as a surprise to some, it is a well-known fact that banks are not in the real estate business but in the lending business. Therefore, when they foreclose on a property, they are forced to become property owners until they can sell the property to recover their money. However, research has shown that when a foreclosed property in Kansas City becomes vacant, it is more likely to fall into disrepair. For this reason, the bank would prefer to have occupants in the property, even after foreclosure proceedings have begun, as it helps to prevent vandalism and maintain the property in good condition. While some media reports have suggested that people can live for free after foreclosure, this is not always the case, and avoiding house payments for an extended period could have severe financial consequences.


It is highly unlikely that a bank would willingly forgo collecting mortgage payments from homeowners. Living in a foreclosed home without making payments can only happen under exceptional circumstances, and it is not a recommended course of action. Although some homeowners have been lucky enough to avoid making payments, it is not a legal option, and it can result in serious legal consequences. The reason why foreclosed homes may still be occupied is that vacant homes are more susceptible to damage and crime. The bank would want to preserve the property’s value and discourage any criminal activity. Therefore, it is in their best interest to keep the property occupied, even after foreclosure. Moreover, foreclosure laws in Mo may require the bank to request that you vacate the property, while at the same time, preferring you stay. Nonetheless, there are legal ways to continue living in your home, even after foreclosure.

How To Stay In My Home After Foreclosure In Kansas City

These are some options that may or may not be avilable to you. These are highly dependent on your states individual laws and your lender.

1) Wait While waiting for a foreclosure to run its course may not be the best option, it is one that some homeowners opt for. It’s important not to abandon your property at the first sign of trouble. Keep in mind that foreclosure proceedings can take several months or even years to complete, so it’s not too late to explore your options. However, it’s also not wise to wait until the very last minute to pack up your belongings and vacate the premises. Be prepared and keep yourself informed of the process so you can make the best decision for your situation.

2) Consider legal action. Although rare, some judges may grant a stay and delay eviction if you can provide evidence of a legal requirement that the bank neglected during the foreclosure process. Over the past few years, fraudulent behavior by banks has come to light, leading to a possible increase in the use of courts to halt foreclosure. However, taking legal action against banks can be an arduous and costly process, even with a strong case. Most people find it difficult to fight against banks with lawyers and have slim chances of success.

3) Cash For Keys. One potential solution for homeowners facing foreclosure is to propose a “move-out bonus” to the bank or potential buyer of the property. This involves offering a sum of money to the bank or buyer in exchange for a smooth and prompt transition of the property. This strategy, also known as “cash for keys,” can save everyone involved time and money by avoiding the need for costly legal proceedings or eviction processes. Although it may seem self-serving, offering a move-out bonus can actually benefit all parties involved by ensuring a clean transfer of ownership and preventing potential damage or loss to the property.

4) Rent it back. Explore the possibility of renting your foreclosed property back from the bank. Although it might seem like a crazy idea, some banks are open to the idea of having previous homeowners rent their property. However, this would only be a temporary solution, as the bank would want you to vacate the premises as soon as they find a new buyer. In some cases, we may even be able to purchase the property and rent it back to you.

We understand that each homeowner’s situation is unique, and we aim to provide creative solutions to help you navigate through this difficult time. While we may not be able to help everyone, we are committed to exploring all possible options to help you keep your home.

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